Death of a cartoonist…who offended us

There are tributes to a cartoonist in Australia who died yesterday. We disliked his racism in cartoons. We disliked his stereotyping and propaganda messages in his cartoons. We disliked his view of Aboriginal Australia and the negativity reinforced in a comical manner, because he was a cartoonist and it suited his audience. We even dislike saying his name, Bill Leak, but we will to clarify who we are speaking of.

Bill Leak cartoons 

We are alarmed that the Prime Minister would pay a tribute to this man. We have expected Rupert Murdoch and other media personalities to do so but we are surprised by the words towards an extremist such as this cartoonist by the PM.


Instead of Wiradjuri NEWS making further comment on him, we will let this cartoonist’s work and the tributes say how Australia feels and pays homage to its own.

If this surprises you, then this is what we as Aboriginal people face in media and at the political level everyday.

One thought on “Death of a cartoonist…who offended us

  1. I’ve never heard of the man… And I’m glad I hadn’t… I don’t find anything remotely funny in the sketches above.. They are discracfull…


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