Crazy Policeman attacks Indigenous kids – other Police shocked

A frustrated Policeman attempts arrest on young girl trying to help him

Policeman goes crazy trying to arrest kids 

The video shows a group of Murris (Indigenous Queenslanders) being asked to ‘move on’ by a Policeman who over reacts.

The Policeman is frustrated with the group who are simply shopping at the time. Other Police arrive to understand the situation and look dumbfounded.

The frustrated Policeman tries to arrest a young girl who bent to pick up his keys, who had her hand out to give them back to him but he launches for her arm.

After failing to grab & arrest members of the small group, the Policeman from Murgon Qld falls into a heap when he dives & misses them.

The other Police members look in shock and assist the group to move away from the Policeman.

The Policeman centred in the video was found in a police vehicle sobbing afterwards.  Witnesses say he confessed to  just returning from leave and apologize for the actions taken.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Ethical Standards Command.

The video in has gone viral eith around 500,000 views in 2 days.

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