Indigenous Poet Abused online after HSC

Ellen van

Ellen van Neerven,  Indigenous writer                                                   photo from Facebook

Aboriginal poet is abused online after HSC English exam.

Ellen van Neerven’s poem Mango, had students attacking her on Twitter and social media. Ellen wrote the poem Mango about the excitement of discovery, however was disappointed and is now not contactable following the reaction of some students after the English exam. She was ridiculed and abused racially online by year 12 students.

Some online supporters of Ms van Neersen are asking the Dept of Education to investigate following the backlash.

TWITTER @OmarjSakr

However, other students are still attacking her publicly and its continuing and growing. It now is going viral with added memes and gifs ridiculing Ms van Neerven.

Ellen - Osman


The HSC Discussion Group on Facebook is actively ridiculing her and her poem. Some examples of the support and harassment are below.


Ellen - cricket atttack

Ellen - Support1

Ellen - attack 3

Perhaps the first exams are over and the veracity of the attacks on Ellen will subside after all, there are many more exams to come and a refocus needed.

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