Wiradjuri NEWS?

Wiradjuri NEWS comprises of three Wiradjuri people administering the Wiradjuri News Facebook, Twitter pages and this website. Our upbringing and influences have always been Wiradjuri people, culture, country, actions, events and thinking.

So what you get from Wiradjuri News is genuine. It is from Wiradjuri people and family who have lived throughout the whole history of and actions of European invasion. So what you get at Wiradjuri News may not always simply be sunsets and copied profound quotes of Aboriginal people throughout Australia but real, fair words, thoughts and teachings of Wiradjuri people, Elders and ancestors.

The Wiradjuri nation is large. It’s the second largest in Australia and no doubt, would be the largest in population. It has the major regional cities of Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Griffith & Wagga Wagga.

Within the area of the cities, old Aboriginal communities exist as well. Condobolin, Cowra, Wellington and my home town of Peak Hill. In such towns, we had Aboriginal Missions administered by the Christian churches and Governments which were disbanded during last century. But those areas had a presence of Aboriginal people, families and culture from the day life stood on this land til today, so when the Missions or reserves were closed, the people remained.

Those people today are our Wiradjuri people, our readers, contributors and knowledge holders of our country.

We bring news from our community first. So you may read something 3-5 days later on mainstream media. Also, we operate without funding but encourage businesses and services to Wiradjuri people. If you would like to advertise, please contact our administrator or call ‘advertising’ on 0499080555.

So to keep up to date and share family, social, sporting, cultural and issues amongst Wiradjuri people and others with an interest, we have developed and expanded the Wiradjuri NEWS facility.

Welcome to Wiradjuri NEWS. Yamma!