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A man who drove towards and chasing Aboriginal kids riding away from him, drove over the top of a young Aboriginal 14 year old teenager and was found to be not guilty of manslaughter but that of reckless driving causing death.

The drivers name was protected under Australian law so his identity and future is safe. His conviction was 3 years. A boys death, his sentence is 3 years gaol.

The next time someone says that it’s time to move on, or times have changed really need to look at a court ruling in the Supreme Court of Western Australia today.

But there must be something strange about police protecting a courthouse before a verdict was made inside the court today. Hours before the judge brought the decision down by the all white jury, police were protecting the courthouse in Western Australia.

What did they know? Did they expect this decision before the jury delivered it?

Think about this photograph for a second. A minute. Standing, knowing & expecting justice to be dismissed. Standing, knowing the verdict will upset the community.

Elijah - Cops at court

Photo : Padriac Gibson Facebook

Elijah died at the scene. He was riding a small ‘pocket’ bike. It was bushland. So an adult in a 4wheel drive is driving so close to kids, he crushes young Elijah instantly.

We have followed the efforts to ‘muddy’ Elijah in the media as a delinquent & truant to somehow, in a racist permissible way, allow his death and provide an avenue for legal justification.

On a Facebook site, “Kalgoorlie Crimes Whinge and Whine”, the effort to discredit young Elijah was strong and racism was rampant. The discussion of local Kalgoorlie residents was appslling and recieved many Facebook complaints as well to the racist views expressed. It was run by a local white man, Michael Doyle, 52. Following Elijah’s death, Facebook closed it down.

In September 2016, concerns were high over what type of justice would be dealt to the man who drove over Elijah. The media used words like “allegedly” instead of deliberately.  The kids involved said it was deliberate, cars changed gears to swerve at them but as Luke Pearson’s status on Facebook shows, the views historically of young Aboriginal witnesses is not believed. The same today. Not valued. Not listened to. Remember, this is 2017.

“On the 20th July 1805, 212 years ago yesterday, the colony’s Judge-Advocate, Richard Atkins when referring to whether or not Aboriginal people could be witnesses or criminals before a court stated that Aboriginal people “are at present incapable of being brought before a criminal court – and that the only mode at present when they deserve it, is to pursue them and inflict such punishment as they merit”… how far we have come  ” Luke Pearson, NSW

Tragically, in October 2016, a 34 years old Aboriginal mother of 3 suicided on the site Elijah was killed. Such was the impact of the his death.

2016 was a year that saw over 150 Aboriginal suicides Australia wide.

Today’s verdict caused outrage on social media and in Kalgoorlie today.

“So apparently intentionally running downed killing isn’t murder if the kid is a young black fella from Kalgoorlie. I bet if the exact thing happened here in NSW and the kid was white, from North Sydney, it would be murder” – Jack Kemp, NSW


“If he was a white kid, there would have been an uproar” #justiceforelijah – Nicole L Velkoski, WA

“The man who fatally ran over a teen boy has been found not guilty manslaughter, sparkling angry scenes in and outside the WA Supreme Court.

The 56 year old who cannot be named for legal reasons, was driving a high powered ut when he hit the small stolen motorbike that Elijah Doughty, 14, was riding on August 29 last year.” Aboriginal News – Australia

“So far on news reports on every shooting, death and court case except for Elijahs” Angelina Hurley, Queensland


So we look at history. What has the last 200 years in Western Australia provided us in regards to deaths on Aboriginal land, to Aboriginal people with both British and Australian justice.


• 1830. Fremantle The first official ‘punishment raid’ on Aboriginal people in Western Australia, led by Captain Irwin took place in May 1830. A detachment of soldiers led by Irwin attacked an Aboriginal encampment north of Fremantle in the belief that it contained men who had ‘broken into and plundered the house of a man called Paton’ and killed some poultry. Paton had called together a number of settlers who, armed with muskets, set after the Aboriginal people and came upon them not far from the home. ‘The tall savage who appeared the Chief showed unequivocal gestures of defiance and contempt’ and was accordingly shot. Irwin stated, “This daring and hostile conduct of the natives induced me to seize the opportunity to make them sensible to our superiority, by showing how severely we could retaliate their aggression.” In actions that followed over the next few days, more Aboriginal people were killed and wounded.[51][52]

• 1834. Pinjarra massacre, Western Australia: Official records state 14 Aboriginal people killed, but other accounts put the figure much higher, at 25 or more.[53][54][55]

• 1836. August, Lieutenant Bunbury[56] after killings in the York area, tracked one wounded Aboriginal man into the bush and shot him through the head. Bunbury also recorded the names of another 11 Aboriginal men he killed during this period. Settlers to the district collected ears of Aboriginal men slain.[57]


• 1841. On 27 August an extensive massacre at Lake Minimup in Western Australia, led by Captain John Molloy who “gave special instructions that no woman or child should be killed, but that no mercy should be offered the men. A strong and final lesson must be taught the blacks. … The white men had no mercy. The black men were killed by dozens, and their corpses lined the route of march of the avengers.”[58]


• 1865. The La Grange expedition was a search expedition carried out in the vicinity of La Grange Bay in the Kimberley region of Western Australia led by Maitland Brown that led to the death of up to 20 Aboriginal people. The expedition has been celebrated with the Explorers’ Monument in Fremantle, Western Australia.

• 1868. Flying Foam Massacre, Dampier Archipelago. Following the killing of two police and two settlers by local Yaburara people, two parties of settlers from the Roebourne area, led by prominent pastoralists Alexander McRae and John Withnell, killed an unknown number of Yaburara. Estimates of the number of dead range from 20 to 150.[59]

• 1887. Halls Creek. Mary Durack suggests there was a conspiracy of silence about the massacres of Djara, Konejandi and Walmadjari peoples about attacks on Aboriginal people by white gold-miners, Aboriginal reprisals and consequent massacres at this time. John Durack was speared, which led to a local massacre in the Kimberley.

• 1890–1926. Kimberley region – The Killing Times – East Kimberleys: During what the colonial government called “pacification”, recalled as “The Killing Times”, a quarter of Western Australia’s police force was deployed in the Kimberley where only 1% of the white population dwelt.[60] Violent means were used to drive off the Aboriginal tribes, who were hounded by police and pastoralists alike without judicial protection.[61] The indigenous peoples reacted with payback killings. Possibly hundreds were killed in the Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Margaret River area, while Jandamarra was being hunted down.[62] Reprisals, and the “villainous effects” of settler policy left the Kimberley Aboriginal people decimated.[63] Massacres in retaliation for attacks on livestock are recorded as late as 1926.[64] The Gija people alone recall 10 ten mass killings for this period.[65]   (source: Wikipedia)

What has changed in 200 years? Move on? Yes, we ask the Australian system of justice to do that and become equal and fair for all. Stop breathing life into racism. Stop.



David Towney

Wiradjuri NEWS